Religious,Educational & Workplace Abuse of Power Investigation

Sexual Assault and Harassment Investigations

Abuse of Power at work, at church, at school or as a client is unacceptable.  Sexual harassment and workplace violence are problems that any organization cannot afford to have occurring.   These issues affect employee job satisfaction, productivity, turnover and can cost you a lot of money if you fail to take the proper action.  Whether the issue is current or forty years old, when you need confidential, timely and thorough investigations I will fulfill those needs for you.

We conduct a full investigation for you to determine the creibility of accusations and present you with a full report on our findings.  

This information will allow you to make the best decisions possible on a course of action.

Golden State Consulting, Investigations & Analysis has conducted multiple internal investigations for Catholic religious institutions on sexual abuse allegations from fifty years old to five years old.  Our ability to locate multiple witnesses and find out previously unknown information has brought peace of mind to victims and the organizations leadership.  We seek out evidence to make a determination of credibility of any accusation.  

Law Enforcement, Corrections and Fire Internal Investigations

Ed Laverone has attended numerous POST certified Internal Investigations courses.  Most recently updating his training in August of 2019 to keep current of both POBAR and FFBOR.  His thirty years of experience in all phases of law enforcement, corrections and as a volunteer firefighter give him the unique perspective to conduct thorough and fact based investigations.