As an associate member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, I have significant training in Fraud Investigation

Elder Fraud


Living in a community with many seasoned citizens has exposed me to the epidemic of scams and fraudsters targeting the older members of my community.  Our experience and resources will allow us to help prevent fraud or restore your good name after being victimized.

Workers Comp Fraud


Are you a small business owner and have an employee claiming they were injured at work?  Yet the watercolor talk is about the employee working a cash job somewhere, doing recreational activities or home improvements.  They claim they cannot work or need light duty, yet they violate their restrictions.  We are experienced at catching employees committing workers compensation fraud.

Strategic Planning


Government or Non-profit agency strategic planning and stakeholder engagement

Due Diligence & Asset Search


Merging, buying or selling your company.  We can assist you with your due diligence process.  Seeking  judgements, asset and pending litigation facts.  

Going through a divorce or suing someone.  We can help you find hidden assets or determining a subject has assets to recover in a lawsuit.

Employee Theft


Whether it is theft of time, money, products or providing their friends with "discounts," no business can afford to take a loss from insider theft.  We can help you catch employees who victimize your business.