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Background Check or Background Investigation

A background check is the most basic look at your prospective employee.  It involves a review of confidential and open source information about a client. This is the minimally acceptable for of looking into an employees past.  It can sometimes miss things or wrongly identify your prospective employee as someone who may have negative aspects to their past.

A background investigation involves the completion of a detailed questionnaire and an interview with your prospective employee and reference checks.   The elements of a background check are incorporated into this investigation.  Along with a discrepancy interview.  Our background investigation is tailored to the specific position you are hiring.  No investigation can be completed until you have made a job offer to the employee conditional on passing the background investigation.

A form of insurance and peace of mind for you

A background investigation can provide a level of peace of mind for you.  You will know the person you are hiring to be an on-site property manager is not a convicted child molester, or your new cashier does not have a problem with employee theft, or your weekend manager does not have an issue with unscheduled absences.


When can I have a background completed?  A: Only after you have extended a conditional job offer to the prospective employee, that condition being the completion of a background investigation.